Founding Director

Gwen Powell is a Food Waste Consultant, CIWM Affiliate, member of AfOR (Association for Organics Recycling) and active member of the 2degrees network.

With roots in the hospitality industry, her family owned a guest house back in South Africa, she appreciates the pressures on both back and front of house and with English as a second language she also appreciates the breakdown in communication that can sometimes lead to confusion and frustration amongst management and staff.

Gwen's main strength lies in her ability to implement the transition from one waste stream to two/three as smoothly as possible for all involved.

In her free time Gwen enjoys pottering around in her vegetable patch and grows chilli plants.

Add to that → aspiring bon vivant and frustrated but cheerful traveller.

Gwen ultimately hopes to make a difference: "one komposter™ at a time".

Dennis Geertsen
Operations Director

Dennis heads up our team of specially trained kompost masters™ - they carry out the setting up and servicing of our systems.

Being a trained lithographic printer he understands the importance of following policies and procedures and he takes his time to train the kompost monitors™ (daily operators) for each site properly, before handing the full responsibility over to them.

Dennis's main strength lies in his ability to communicate as a second language English speaker, with all the different nationalities that make up our kompost monitors™ - Polish, Portuguese, Italian and of course English - making sure that they fully understand the operating procedures and best practise guidelines.

In his free time Dennis enjoys cooking special meals for his family and friends and going out for long walks with his dog Sam.

Dennis also loves travelling and visits his family and friends in Denmark at least once, but preferably twice, a year.